St John the Evangelist



Year 3 is a big year for our children.  They take their first steps into Key Stage 2, encountering many changes and challenges.

We always consider every child’s needs and do our utmost to ensure each child is challenged to their full potential and supported academically and emotionally.

We work closely with parents and carers to improve your child’s development and social well-being.

We hope to deliver a rich and creative curriculum that excites and enthuses the children and develops a passion for learning.





In Year 3, we study a range of exciting topics, such as Light, Ancient Egyptians, Climate Zones and Stone Age.  We try to make the learning as interactive as possible.  The children are encouraged to carry out their own research, and we carry on our learning through exciting trips.

In English, we study a range of text types, including modern fairy tales like Iron Man, famous speeches like ‘I have a dream,” and adventure stories such as Krindlekrax.  We love putting our own twists on the stories once we have learned them.

In Mathematics we spend time learning our time tables and making sure that we understand the key skills of mental arithmetic by the time we leave Year 3.



Merry Christmas, One and All!!!

Year 3 wishes all of the St. John’s Walworth’s children, parents, staff and community a merry Christmas and happy New Year. A big thank you to the parents for their support and encouragement over the Autumn term, without you we wouldn’t have made the progress we have. Well done children, enjoy your holiday and come […]

Dramatic Entrances

Drama has made a resounding comeback into our Literacy lessons, getting children to really step-in-role as characters of their, and others’, creation. Mr. Bilson has championed the refocusing of our school priorities when it comes to creating future-authors of our children. We aim to ignite a love of words in our children, to teach them […]


For PE, through Autumn term, Year 3 have swum and played football. Winding their arms and kicking their feet, they scored goals, saved penalties and splashed from one end of the pool to the other.

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