St Stephen


Mrs Daphne Ward-Anderson
Teacher /Maths Lead

Welcome to, St Stephen’s (Year 4) class page. We are already halfway through the school year and the children continue to be enthusiastic and are becoming more responsible, as well as more independent in their learning.

We recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school. We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities. We ask that you guide and support your child’s learning by ensuring that he/she attends school daily and arrives on time, ready for the day’s learning experience.









Celebrating St Stephen’s Day

Children, it’s our class’ saint’s day today, so let’s celebrate the life of St Stephen. St. Stephen’s Day on 26 December commemorates St. Stephen who was the first Christian Martyr. Stephen was a Greek Jew who had converted to Christianity. He was appointed as one of seven deacons to help with organising the early Christian […]

Nativity 2018 – A King Is Born!

Two thousand years ago, give or take a day Something strange was happening round Bethlehem way Something more exciting than only words can say So if you’re sitting comfortably we’ii show you in our play!

Thanks & Appreciation To Our Parents

A huge thanks to all our parents and carers who have been so generous in providing such a variety of foodstuffs for our Christmas party. We appreciate all your efforts this term and pray you continue to support us in the coming terms. You have yourselves a merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New […]

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