Respect & Value

The approach to staff development is based upon respecting and valuing all staff members and the contribution they make to the school. It aims to provide support and encouragement at all times.


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We have a great team here at St John’s Walworth and every now and then we need to invite others to join us so that we can continue to grow and offer more to our pupils. View our vacancies here.


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Our Strategic Leadership Team

Mr Velada-Billson

Head Teacher

Mrs June Nicol-Dundas

Deputy Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead/R:E Lead & Assessment Lead


Mrs Irene Picazo

Teacher/Languages Lead

Mrs Pauline Taylor

Teaching Assistant 

Year 1

Miss Christiana Thomas

Teacher/Science Lead

Mrs Lynne Walker

Teaching Assistant 

Year 2

Mrs Udeme Umoren

Teacher/English Lead/Safeguarding Officer

Miss Rosemarie McDonald

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Mr James Isaac

Teacher/Humanities Lead

Miss Lucy Morgan

Teaching Assistant/Midday Meals Supervisor

Mrs Rachael Niger

Teaching Assistant 1 to 1

Year 4

Mrs Daphne Ward-Anderson

Teacher/Maths Lead

Mrs Cheryl Hornby

Teaching Assistant

Miss Mo Oriogun

Teaching Assistant 1 to 1

Year 5

Miss Felicia Oben


Miss Sandra Brewster

Teaching Assistant 1 to 1

Mrs Mary Sears

Teaching Assistant 1 to 1

Year 6

Mrs Gloria Adesina

Teacher/ICT Lead

Mrs Shelly Bergh

Teaching Assistant/Safeguarding Officer

Home School Liaison Officer

Mrs Mary Sears

Home School Liaison Officer/Child Protection Officer/Teaching Assistant

Play Leaders (Midday Assistant)

Miss Kelly Pawsey

Senior Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Samantha Kavanagh

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Debbie Simpson

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Debra Lemon-Thomas

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Sarah Stevens

Midday Meals Supervisor

Miss Claire Tillman

Midday Meals Supervisor

Administration Staff

Mrs Kelly Robinson

Office Manager

Miss Corrine Owens

Receptionist/HR Admin Assistant

Premises Staff

Mr Vincent Fletcher

Premises Officer