Cultural Fusion: Bajan Origami Flying Fish

  Today, Years 4 and 5 visited the Year 3 classroom for International Week. They tried to combine Japanese origami with the Bajan culture of carnival, flying wish, rhythm and movement by making paper flickers/spinners out of the Barbadian Flag. Here is the link to the Festival Flying Fish Flicker showing what should happen if […]


With a lot of baking soda, a load of washing-up liquid and a gallon of vinegar (with just a smidgen of food colouring), Year 3 succeeded in creating a volcanic eruption as tremendous as Mount Vesuvius. Well, almost… We had an intrepid morning, out in the hot sun, working and observing as a team. We […]

Homework, 22/06/18

Homework: ‘God’s peace is always for us, no matter what uncomfortable situations we’re facing.’ How can the above words of wisdom help us to be good examples and avoid bad influences? Answer in paragraphs and with correct grammar (especially capital letters and full-stops) the best will be read out in church next Friday. -Also, revise […]

Simply Volcanic

With our volcanoes fully painted with prehistoric flair, the class sat back and proudly admired our achievement. Harnessing the power of nature, we have designed and crafted our molten monoliths, ready to simmer and boil with lava-hot goodness.


WHERE DOES OUR FOOD COME FROM? We visited SURREY DOCKS FARM to find out where our food comes from. It was a fabulous trip as we learnt more on how our food gets to the shops. We linked it to our Science topic on plants and History topic on how has food changed over time? […]

Year 2 Class Assembly

We had our class assembly celebrating the British Values of democracy, mutual respect, individual liberty, rule of law and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs as we always incorporate these values into our lessons. Basically, our message is: if we remember the good values of communal living and always practice them every day,  […]

Year 3 Homework 15-06-18

This week, you are to complete  all the information you can about Earthquakes and Eruptions on your geography sheets, for Tuesday. Also, revise your spellings for Tuesday (as you should every day). I have included the spelling list for quick reference. These are words set out in the National Curriculum for both Years 3 and […]

Year 3 Knows about Volcanoes!

Combining Design and Technology, Geography and Science, with the big brains of all our Year 3 children, we tackled the task of designing and making our very own volcanoes. A three part process, today we built the base, with layers of ash replaced by layers of plaster or papier-mache. We used bottles and straws to […]