Homework For Next Week-27/04/18



To research and plan how to design and build an effective ‘paper’ plane.                                                                                                                                      27/04/18

Your Mission: To make a ‘paper’ plane, following certain rules, which can fly further and/or stay in the air longer than any other ‘paper’ plane.

The Rules:
• Paper planes must only be constructed out of one piece of A4 sized paper/card/tissue/foil. Any type of paper can be used. The sheet can be modified only by folding, gluing and cutting and taping. However, the whole sheet of A4 paper must be used.

The aircraft must be launched by one person throwing the aircraft unaided from a reasonably still position. The thrower needs to have both feet firmly on the ground during the attempt.
• A run-up or fast walk as part of the launch is not permitted, nor the use of ramps or like devices.
• Decisive for measurement are the moments when the paper plane leaves the hand and the first time hits the ground or any object.

Competition one: Design a plane to fly the longest distance.

Competition two: Design a plane which can stay in the air for the longest amount of time.

You must plan, design and build the plane. Your planning must include:

Research and ideas

Things to think about: Size, shape, surface area, anything else…?

Detailed drawings

Measurements (how long, wide is it. Anything else…?)

How to build it?

Material used


Complete maths sheet on Addition and Subtraction, notes down any big misunderstandings to focus on in class.

Spies- Do (A), try (B).

Detectives- Do (B), try (C).

Codebreakers- Do (B) and (C).

Of course, to really challenge yourself, try all of A, B and C.

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