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PGL hosts St Johns Walworth

Year 6 had a thrilling fun -filled adventure at PGL during our 3- day long school journey. All our year 6 pupils had such a memorable experience that they wished they could have stayed there for much longer. (unfortunately, all good things must come to an end). Activities ranged among others from a campfire to […]

Celebrating St Stephen’s Day

Children, it’s our class’ saint’s day today, so let’s celebrate the life of St Stephen. St. Stephen’s Day on 26 December commemorates St. Stephen who was the first Christian Martyr. Stephen was a Greek Jew who had converted to Christianity. He was appointed as one of seven deacons to help with organising the early Christian […]

Nativity 2018 – A King Is Born!

Two thousand years ago, give or take a day Something strange was happening round Bethlehem way Something more exciting than only words can say So if you’re sitting comfortably we’ii show you in our play!

Merry Christmas, One and All!!!

Year 3 wishes all of the St. John’s Walworth’s children, parents, staff and community a merry Christmas and happy New Year. A big thank you to the parents for their support and encouragement over the Autumn term, without you we wouldn’t have made the progress we have. Well done children, enjoy your holiday and come […]

Thanks & Appreciation To Our Parents

A huge thanks to all our parents and carers who have been so generous in providing such a variety of foodstuffs for our Christmas party. We appreciate all your efforts this term and pray you continue to support us in the coming terms. You have yourselves a merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New […]

Dramatic Entrances

Drama has made a resounding comeback into our Literacy lessons, getting children to really step-in-role as characters of their, and others’, creation. Mr. Bilson has championed the refocusing of our school priorities when it comes to creating future-authors of our children. We aim to ignite a love of words in our children, to teach them […]

Hockey Time

No child in our class wants to miss a PE lesson because here we show agility, power and skills. Thanks to our teachers and coach for letting us have fun whiles showing off our skills.


For PE, through Autumn term, Year 3 have swum and played football. Winding their arms and kicking their feet, they scored goals, saved penalties and splashed from one end of the pool to the other.

Real Money Matter!

It was an exciting and challenging experience, selling real fruits and vegetables to our parents, carers and schoolmates using real money. Here we were also promoting healthy eating habits. One trick we played was to prepare some tasty assorted fruit/veg smoothies; that was our best seller. Who says we can’t get children to eat vegetables?

Remembrance @ St John’s

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day of the 11th month, the guns fell silent. We remember those who died in WW1 and 2 and our loved ones who have left us. We will remember them!

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Definitely Mineral!

In our scientific investigations, during this Autumn term, we have  discovered the secrets of the very ground we walk on, telling the stories of seemingly innocuous rocks. We have classified igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, uncovered fossils dating back more than half a billion years (500,000,000 years) and journeyed into the deepest recesses of the […]

Art for the Ages!

From prehistoric cave art to the Impressionist flourishes of Monet, from Stonehenge to the ‘inside-out’ modern curiosity of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Year 3 have traversed centuries to fill our classroom, and our minds, with wonder!


In RE, we learnt about the importance of the Christingle Celebration in the Christian Faith. In small groups, we made our own Christingle which is made of an orange, a lighted candle, a red ribbon and dried fruit and sweets on cocktail sticks. We found out the meaning of each part. 1. The orange is […]


SATs Prep Advice

Here are a few useful websites for parents and carers of year 6 pupils: Loads of Maths games on a range of Mathematical concepts. This site has loads of Maths games which help to practise a range of skills. This site is useful for grammar and spellings SATS 2019 DATES: […]

Reception 2018-19

A very warm welcome to all our new Reception children who have started school this term. We are very proud seeing you settling in to the routines of school so well. It didn’t take long for you to make yourselves at home! We would also like to thank all parents for the support we receive from […]

Reception end of the year slideshow

[video src="" /]

Breaking News: Plant Update

If you’ve been following our Year 3 blog, you will remember we planted cress, pumpkins, tomatoes and beans, half put in a cupboard and half on the window sill. We watered them all regularly and, well, look at the photo for results! Our window plants are thriving, juicy from water, well fed, with large open […]

Cultural Fusion: Bajan Origami Flying Fish

  Today, Years 4 and 5 visited the Year 3 classroom for International Week. They tried to combine Japanese origami with the Bajan culture of carnival, flying wish, rhythm and movement by making paper flickers/spinners out of the Barbadian Flag. Here is the link to the Festival Flying Fish Flicker showing what should happen if […]


With a lot of baking soda, a load of washing-up liquid and a gallon of vinegar (with just a smidgen of food colouring), Year 3 succeeded in creating a volcanic eruption as tremendous as Mount Vesuvius. Well, almost… We had an intrepid morning, out in the hot sun, working and observing as a team. We […]

Homework, 22/06/18

Homework: ‘God’s peace is always for us, no matter what uncomfortable situations we’re facing.’ How can the above words of wisdom help us to be good examples and avoid bad influences? Answer in paragraphs and with correct grammar (especially capital letters and full-stops) the best will be read out in church next Friday. -Also, revise […]

Our class visit to Vauxhall City Farm

Simply Volcanic

With our volcanoes fully painted with prehistoric flair, the class sat back and proudly admired our achievement. Harnessing the power of nature, we have designed and crafted our molten monoliths, ready to simmer and boil with lava-hot goodness.


WHERE DOES OUR FOOD COME FROM? We visited SURREY DOCKS FARM to find out where our food comes from. It was a fabulous trip as we learnt more on how our food gets to the shops. We linked it to our Science topic on plants and History topic on how has food changed over time? […]


Can plants grow in water without soil? Year 2 children carried out Science experiment to find out if plants can grow in water without soil. Here’s our findings:

Year 2 Class Assembly

We had our class assembly celebrating the British Values of democracy, mutual respect, individual liberty, rule of law and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs as we always incorporate these values into our lessons. Basically, our message is: if we remember the good values of communal living and always practice them every day,  […]

Year 3 Homework 15-06-18

This week, you are to complete  all the information you can about Earthquakes and Eruptions on your geography sheets, for Tuesday. Also, revise your spellings for Tuesday (as you should every day). I have included the spelling list for quick reference. These are words set out in the National Curriculum for both Years 3 and […]

Year 3 Knows about Volcanoes!

Combining Design and Technology, Geography and Science, with the big brains of all our Year 3 children, we tackled the task of designing and making our very own volcanoes. A three part process, today we built the base, with layers of ash replaced by layers of plaster or papier-mache. We used bottles and straws to […]

Cress, Beans, Tomatoes and Pumpkins. Oh my!

  Firstly, we dissected bean seeds to learn about seed-coats, the plant embryo, and the internal food source to feed the seedling before it learns how to germinate from photosynthesis. Next, we had to explore what plants need to survive. We planted a variety of seeds in soil, with cress in cotton-wool. Half the plants […]

To Adapt and Survive

Last Friday, Year 3 created Plasticine plants and had to adapt their designs to survive in different climates.  For the rain forest, we created plants with sloped leave so the constant rain drips off, and doesn’t settle, to protect the leaves from rot. Under high forest canopies, competing against massive trees, we adapted our plants […]

Inspiring and motivational Floella

Wow! That is all I have to say regarding Baroness Floella Benjamin.  I accompanied a few pupils from school on Tuesday the 12th of June for the screening of ‘Coming to England’ at the House of Lords.   It was pure magic!  Listening to her injected you with her ‘ contentment,confidence and courage’. You never […]

Burgess Park

Our day out to Burgess park was such an amazing experience. We took a bus ride to the park. On arriving we strolled through the park to a lovely quite area by the lake where we saw beautiful ducks. We did a spring check list, where we had to spot different plants and animals. After […]

Give me an R and an A and an F!!!

On Friday, Year 3 ventured all the way to the RAF Museum in Hendon, in this, the RAF’s, centennial year. After a very long (15 stops,the children were sure to point out) tube journey, we arrived. We made sure we dressed the  part before exploring hangers full of planes and helicopters. From the wood, canvas […]


Homework: Summer Half Term- Also on our website, Year 3 page. English: Pick a task, or do both to really challenge yourself. Take a page of your favourite chapter book, or any available book. Pick the 30 best words and make your own ‘Found Poem.’ Choose an inanimate, non-living object. Write a few paragraphs personifying […]

Year Four thrills in Assembly!

Year 4 hit the ground with a blast today during their class assembly.  It was simply spectacular, in a nutshell! There was music, dancing and, to cap it all, sharing of facts about food chains, the digestive system and their views on tolerance in society with its benefits.) We are proud of you-keep it up!

Don’t be repelled!!!

Year 3 had a fantastic discovery-morning on Tuesday, experimenting and learning all about magnets. We found out how astronauts control liquid in space by magnetizing it. We experimented with ferrofluid, designed by NASA. When exposed to magnets it turns prickly and ripples. We also used iron filings, sprinkling them around a magnet to expose the […]

Don’t be a square, be a cuboid!

Year 3 have been learning all about 3D shapes. We realised we could find them all around us in the world. Cone-shaped road cones, cuboid boxes, triangular prism tents, and more. So, we decided to make them!!!

Growing plants in Reception

We are growing our own plants in Reception. We have followed the 4 steps to grow a plant: We put some soil in the pot. We put the seeds in the soil. We fill the pot with more soil and we pat it. We water it. We make sure the plant gets sunlight and enough water […]

Creative Maths

In year 5, we are learning to visually compare fractions by making our own fraction walls.             


Year 6 will be taking  The SATS next week. See timetable below: Monday 14th – English – Paper 1 – Questions & Paper 2 – Spelling Tuesday 15th – Reading Wednesday 16th – Maths Paper 1 – Arithmetic & 2- Reasoning Thursday 17th – Maths Paper 3 Reasoning

Chicken a la Miss Thomas, Miss Mo and Miss Taylor

  After a hard day’s work, learning all about interviews, addition, subtraction and earthquakes, Year 3 like nothing better than to prepare a feast fit for a KING!

Memorable Cathedral Visit

Today has been like a dream come true for the pupils in year 4 at St John’s Walworth.  You will never guess where we went! We were at the Southwark Cathedral among several other schools in the Southwark diocese to participate in the thanksgiving and celebration service of the Bishop’s Lent appeal. It was a […]

Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine

This young, paper-plane pilot has taken the lead in plane design, with his Star-Striker!!!

Homework For Next Week-27/04/18

  CROSS CURRICULAR HISTORY/SCIENCE/D.T/ To research and plan how to design and build an effective ‘paper’ plane.                                                                             […]

Reception enjoying the sunny days

We are very excited about this lovely weather, and Reception has taken their work outdoors to enjoy the sunshine.  

Curriculum Overview

These are exciting times for year four. You can see why as you check out what is on the ‘menu’.year 4 jigsaw Summer 2 2018

Gym And Dance

We have choreographed our own group dance from scratch and have come up with some fantastic moves.

Competitive Games

We enjoy competing against our classmates showing off our skills in PE.  

Write Your Name Like An Egyptian

Using Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to replace the alphabet, every Year 3 child created their own cartouche of their name.

Dem’ Bones Walk Around

Year 3 performing ‘Dem Bones’ during our assembly. During our assembly we performed our own version of ‘Walk Like an Egyptian,’ re-written with historical knowledge.

Light and Shadow Puppets

  Year 3 have been studying Light. To finish off the Spring Term they used their creativity and scientific know-how to put on their own shadow puppet shows.

Learn Like an Egyptian

Year 3 were unable to travel to Cairo to see the real pyramids. This wouldn’t stop us though! Using our knowledge of Ancient Egypt and Geometry we split into groups and created our own Great Pyramids of Giza.

Our trip to Buckingham Palace

As part of our school topic “The Commonwealth”, Reception has been learning about United Kingdom and London. On the 27th of March, we went on a trip to Buckingham Palace. We got off at Trafalgar Square and walked down the Mall to the palace. On our walk we saw the guards standing outside the palace. […]

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