Breaking News: Plant Update

If you’ve been following our Year 3 blog, you will remember we planted cress, pumpkins, tomatoes and beans, half put in a cupboard and half on the window sill. We watered them all regularly and, well, look at the photo for results!

Our window plants are thriving, juicy from water, well fed, with large open leaves, from photosynthesis and loaded with enough chlorophyll to make them a vibrant green.

Except the cress…You will have to ask your child about the cress.

The cupboard plants are pale, sickly, withered and…dead? Except for the beans. The clever bean plant grew out from the cupboard door in its quest to find sunlight. Plotting a great escape, the likes of which would put Steve McqQeen to shame, the plant, though stunted and pale, actually had green leaves! I think its going to make it. We felt so proud of its struggle, we put it on the window sill and, hopefully, it will survive.

But…shhh, we don’t talk about the cress…

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