Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Definitely Mineral!

In our scientific investigations, during this Autumn term, we have  discovered the secrets of the very ground we walk on, telling the stories of seemingly innocuous rocks. We have classified igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, uncovered fossils dating back more than half a billion years (500,000,000 years) and journeyed into the deepest recesses of the Earth.

For our following topic, we explored the workings of the human body, concentrating of the things that allow us to perceive, survive and make sense of the world; eyes, ears, teeth and our digestive system, and our heart.

Rock detectives! And we don’t mean musical investigators.
What’s this I’ve found buried in my rock? Oh, just a hundred-million year old fossil.
Teeth, expertly crafted by aspiring dentists.

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